The automotive industry is a major consideration within the climate change discussion. As part of that industry Macadams accept their responsibility to contribute productively to improvement and as a leading organisation within the vehicle rescue and repair sector we accept our role as innovators of better environmental practices.


  1. In line with UK Government targets, and expected technological advancements, Macadams aims to be carbon net zero by 2050.
  2. The Company aims be a climate champion for the alteration and advancement of working practices and procedures within the vehicle rescue and repair sector.


The Company requires its staff, partners and suppliers to:-

  1. Respect, embrace, and actively support the business agenda for carbon net zero across all our operations and activities
  2. Proactively support carbon net zero and climate emergency goals, raising awareness and recognising positive action, whether it be in training, development or other business-related activity
  3. Demonstrate commitment to managing, minimising and mitigating the impacts from operations, activities and training
  4. Seek to minimise the environmental impact through environment and climate emergency conscious decision-making including choice of products, partners and suppliers
  5. Evaluate performance and transparently report on decisions, outcomes and actions; providing commentary and explanations holding ourselves to account
  6. Demonstrate compliance with all relevant legislation as a minimum, and where possible go beyond it
  7. Demonstrate commitment to improve continually and monitor environmental performance
  8. Report openly and transparently to support greater recognition of the benefits of environmental change and ensure that outcomes do not create a detriment to any group with protected characteristics within our community

Macadams embrace the Environment & Climate Emergency Policy both operationally and through its development of footprint reduction initiatives, and staff and community engagement.

We will strive to minimise negative impacts and to optimise positive opportunities in delivering our climate emergency targets and goals through our business strategies; recognising our national and local reach, through the diverse operations, partnerships and programmes.

If your organisation would like to partner our efforts please contact us.