The statement sets out a summary of our key activities and supply chains and builds on the steps already taken by J D Macadam & Son Ltd to identify, prevent and address potential modern slavery and human trafficking issues within our supply chains.

The Company offers vehicle rescue and repair services to organisations and individuals in the UK (predominantly) and further afield as required. Through our services we employ approx. 150 people. It is our aim that every employee and service user is assured by the knowledge that we are confident in our due diligence and protection against modern slavery.

J D Macadam & Son Ltd has an Ethics Policy which sets out our requirements on labour standards and is prefaced by a list of minimum standards which suppliers and relevant licensees must observe for us to work with them. The first of these minimum requirements relates to compulsory labour:

Suppliers must not use any form of forced, bonded or involuntary labour, and workers must not be obliged to lodge any identity papers or pay any deposit as a condition of work.

Later clauses expand on this in greater detail and reflect the standards set out in the ILO Conventions 29 & 105 and Recommendation 35 on Bonded/Forced Labour.

Having reviewed the Company’s business operations and relationships, we identified our highest exposure to risk of modern slavery is in the supply chain supporting the procurement of our suppliers of goods.

We direct staff to source from suppliers that have been through an ethical sourcing programme whenever possible, reinforcing the message that minimum standards on forced labour must first be met before it can be approved.

Looking ahead JD Macadam & Son commit to:

  • carrying out further analysis of our supply chains and continue to review the effectiveness of our current ethical sourcing programme prioritising key areas of risk
  • continue to help drive a consistent and improved approach to maximise effectiveness
  • continue to build awareness across our organisation to drive continued and increased compliance.

Our suppliers know our requirements at the outset of any relationship and must demonstrate that they have their own robust policies in place.

The Company’s focus has been to drive a consistent, centralised and improved approach to addressing modern slavery within our supply chains. We look into any developments that could enhance our policies and processes and ensure that they remain fit for purpose.

Responsibility for progressing and monitoring our approach sits with the Directors.